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Spanish 1 Irregular Verbs - Boot Leg Conjugation Verbs - Interactive Notebooks from thetravelingclassroom on - (31 pages) - La Bota conjugaci�n de verbos irregulares - Boot Leg Conjugation Verbs - Flippables and Foldables

This is a fun kit to decorate the clock in your Spanish classroom and help your students learn how to tell time in Spanish. Comes with yellow petals and green stems/leaves and a white version to print on your own colored or patterned paper if you'd like.

I absolutely love these post-it boards! What a great way for students to reflect on the day and share what they've learned with each other. Via 4 different teacher blogs.

Finally something that might make it make sense. Spanish Speakers can't even explain it to me! World Languages/Spanish Class Poster Uses of Por y by ADoseOfDani, $45.00