Dotwork Abstract Design with Om, Concept, Design and Inked by Sunny at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai, Client wanted to write “Om Datta Narayan” with some abstract design. Worked on his concept based on his design brief. As we talked about adding some Lord Shiva’s elements in the tattoo, This design consist of abstract Lord Shiva’s Trishul with his middle eye open. This is my first attempt of dotwork tattoo. Hope you all liked the tattoo.

Now this is what Lord Rama probably looked like. Incredible art from the Ramayana 3392 AD comic book.

ऊँ नमः शिवाय OM namaḥ śivāya Meaning: I bow down to Lord Shiva/Praise be to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva Mandala and Vedic Om Mantra

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