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Advantages of Paid Social Media Advertising for B2B Companies

Methods of Advertising on Social Media Sites

If your small commercial enterprise is using social media marketing, do you know about these two kind of social media strategies? Check out these tips for tracking your social media marketing efforts.

The Two Kinds of Social Media Marketing Strategies

Community management is one of the online marketing tactics for developing and publishing an impressive social media content for engaging people online. Check out here some important points that should be examined before planning an effective social media strategy for your business

Social Media Community Management - an Important Factor for a Successful Social Strategy by EvoMantra

Yahoo bing network (YBN) offers a more affordable alternative for the budget conscious advertiser than Google AdWords. Check out here about how to get a higher quality traffic from Yahoo Bing Network PPC Ads at a lowest price rate.

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Pay per click (PPC) is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher (typically Google) each time an ad is clicked. Check out here the India's one of the leading PPC company to optimize your catchy and business oriented ppc campaigns......

Affordable PPC Management Services by EvoMantra - Classified Ad

Bing introduces seamless search and social media sharing Comments Feed. Check out here an important way to connect your favorite social network via bing and start seeing relevant posts, photos, tweets, tips and more, all at a glance.

Social Media Sharing in a Seamless Search – Introduced By Bing

Do you know about the Yahoo-Tumblr partnership ? Now Yahoo has expanded its social media Business by acquiring Tumblr..... To know more about this, check out here

Yahoo Expands Its Social Media Business by Acquiring Tumblr


Ways to Improve Social Media Activities in a Small Business

Doing a social media activity in right right way can hike your online presence for your brand across the globe. Check out these important tips in order to gain maximum social media benefit for your business.

Ways to Improve Social Media Activities in a Small Business