These little baskets are made entirely from the harvested lavender stalks that come out of my garden.Using the entire lavender stalk, stem and flowers both, small bundles are gathered and coiled into the basket shape. The center base features a walnut slice. Waxed linen thread was used as the binding material.The thread is either blue or a light lavender color. These little baskets have not been treated with any finish so that the natural lavender scent has a chance to shine through.

How to dry fresh lavender from the garden... Mmm the scent!

Enhance votives for a garden party by cutting fresh stems of lavender- place around votive and tie off with twine. Lovely and the heat from the candle will enhance the scent of the lavender!

"Lavender Crafts Bottles or Wands Young ladies in Victorian times used to while away the afternoon hours making lavender 'wands' or 'bottles' by encasing fresh lavender heads in their own stalks, then weaving them with ribbons. in addition to having a pleasing scent, lavender also has a moth-chasing property. Once they are thoroughly dry the bottles may be placed in a linen cupboard"

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