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Art of the day, "Social Responsibility" by Sunil Abraham #Artsmelange #ArtMeetsArtHere

Social Responsibility

Art of the day, "Pondering Little Man" by Ginelle D'souza #Artsmelange #ArtMeetsArtHere

Pondering little man

Art of the day, "Boy With Icecream" by Jyotii Tibrewal #Artsmelange #ArtMeetsArtHere

Boy with icecream

Art of the day, "Boat At Rest" by Sachin Naik "Old boat lying along the sea shore at Revdanda beach" #Artsmelange #ArtmeetsArtHere

Boat at Rest

Art of the day, "Happy moments" by Valluri Swamy A couple spends some quality time together. #Artsmelange #ArtMeetsArtHere


Art of the day, "The Hopeful Eye" by Anisha Banerjee. This colourful and bright picture depicts the eye of a common girl full of hope and expectations from the cruel world of competition and gender discrimination. It is difficult for a girl to survive in this rat race of the world. However these optimistic eyes show it's hope for the best. #Artsmelange #ArtMeetsArtHere

The Hopeful Eye