Zenana Decorative Arts

Zenanas are a secret world of modesty, seclusion, privacy and unexpected design splendor. The word “zenana” means women’s quarters or women’s space. Zenanas flourished in India’s Mughal architecture, which synthesized Persian and Arabic traditions with indigenous Islamic design and its Indian counterparts.
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This is a semi-public zenana room near the throne room. This is the Samode Palace, a small-ish family palace near Jaipur. Completely conserved / restored but unchanged fresco and fixture.

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This is a transitional space between the semi-private and semi-public zenana spaces.

This is the zenana hallway with some of the best mirror, plaster and iron-work I have seen.

Fresco in the Samode Palace, Zenana: http://goo.gl/OkwLH3

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