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Do you know who designed the Indian national flag? Can you tell us how many years have passed by since we regained independence from the British rule without counting the numbers on your hand from 1947? You probably cannot. So before you go all-decked-up in traditional clothes to your office/college, take this quiz and then call yourself a proud Indian.

Independence Day Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Own Country?

Hot. Fun. Thrilling. When was the last time you associated these words with your relationship? While a general maturity tends to set in after you cross the infatuation phase, it is important to make sure your relationship still has that spark! Check out these tips to get your relationship back on track - you might want to take notes.Image courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty imagesMore On >> Relationships

20 Easy Ways to Reignite That Spark in Your Relationship

Kick on the rear to these preposterous tidbits doing the rounds of the social media stratosphere:

Shame, Shame: 5 Things That are Wrong with India

So we work in an almost all-girl team, and over time we've figured there are some things we are just so prone to doing at the workplace. From talking make up and men to indulging in a little office gossip, we're all guilty as charged. Well, a little of this and a lot of that can sometimes end up being a bad thing. So keep yourself in check, it's always good to know what you shouldn't do at work. Take a look at the top 10 things women do at the workplace, and stop stat!

10 Things You Should Definitely Stop Doing at Work

“Mere bare me jada mat sochna, me dil me aata hu, samajh me nahi”; I believe this Salman Khan dialogue can be aptly apply to Service tax & Vat taxation rules. In fact one can say about these charges that “ye Bill me aate he par Samajh me nahi”. Let me demystify these charges & the taxes your restaurant bill includes and understand these three items which inflate your restaurant bills:-

Service Tax: Main Bill Mein Aata Hoon; Samajh Mein Nahi

So you think a publicist's job is a piece of cake; you know, starry events at 5-star hotels and a few cheery calls to the media? Well then, it's safe to say you know nothing about PR. Public Relations is serious business and being a PR executive is quite a challenging task.Currently one of the booming careers in the media industry, you must know these dos and don'ts of being a PR professional before you take the plunge. We bring you 10 secrets of a great Public Relations ...

Career Tips: 10 Best-Kept Secrets of Great PR People Revealed

Often when life does not seem to be going the way we hoped, we find ourselves feeling down and helpless. In those moments, ESPECIALLY in those moments we must remember that life is beautiful!

10 Reasons Why Life is (Still) Beautiful

Have you found yourself in a new relationship in this month of love? Setting some ground rules with your flame will smoothen the road ahead for you both.

Relationship Advice for a Perfect Start

Single and ready to fling-le? Well, subtly touch his arm while laughing at all his jokes and get into your element. Here’s how you can bring sexy back into your date.

How to Flirt And Flatter Your Date

Are you single or in a relationship? Well, if you've caught the Valentine love bug and can't wait to see what your love life holds for you in the next couple of days, allow the tarot to tell you if you’ll find love this month!

Valentine Forecast for Your Zodiac Sign