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These sticky, spicy chicken wings have nothing whatever to do with buffaloes! But they are extra tasty served with a delicious dip.

Spicy buffalo wings – Recipes – Slimming World

A fuss-free family meal that will you'll want to make again and again, with a lovely creamy mushroom taste.

Baked chicken and rice – Recipes – Slimming World

For a relaxed, pick-and-mix meal combine this good-for-you taco recipe with your favorite salsas and sides.

Quick Tex-Mex tacos – Recipes – Slimming World

Quick? Check. Easy? Check. Lip-smackingly good? Check. This legendary dish hails from China's Szechuan (Sichuan) province and really packs a punch! Oh - and it's great for a 'fakeout' too!

Kung pao chicken – Recipes – Slimming World

Spicy chicken drumsticks with coleslaw – Recipes – Slimming World

Crisp chicken stuffed with ham and a creamy, cheesy sauce - this is sure to be a new favorite for all the family.

Chicken cordon bleu – Recipes – Slimming World

With this fantastically low-Syn fish dish there’s no need to give your slimming campaign a ‘battering’! By swapping fried for oven-baked, you'll be saving over 30 Syns!

Fish and chips – Recipes – Slimming World

A complete meal in a bowl, with the rich, satisfying taste you only get from slow cooking.

Irish beef and Guinness casserole – Recipes – Slimming World

Chicken casserole A tasty chicken casserole to feed the family - serve with pasta or a big bowl of dry-roast potatoes.

Chicken casserole – Recipes – Slimming World

This hot and spicy soup is an entire meal in a bowl. It's so easy to make and, if you're wondering about the ingredients, it's everything you'd put in a taco - in a soup - genius!

Taco soup – Recipes – Slimming World