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1990s Italian cocktail shaker 20 cm. x 10 cm. top branded with martini logo [in box]

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IMAGE UPDATE: This is the preferred image of Julian Niccolini of the Four Seasons Restaurant. Per Vaughan and I you should use this one. [Corbis-OUT947807; £129 for 5 years]

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Alessi shaker and ice bucket Shaker 20 cm x 13 cm Ice bucket 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm Tongs 16cm long [in box]

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IMAGE UPDATE: Power lunching at The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York [Corbis-TK001234; £137 FOR 5 YEARS]

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Bombay Sapphire ad Bombay Sapphire ad [VAUGHAN: ASK THE BOMBAY ARCHIVE FOR THIS]

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IMAGE UPDATE: Four Seasons Restaurant owner Julian Niccolini. REPLACED IMAGE PER CLIENT REQUEST [CORBIS Corbis-42-23712708; £129 for 5 YEARS]

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IMAGE UPDATE: Martini Stewart brought Martinis back into the suburban mainstream [Corbis-42-19835280: £322 FOR 5 YEARS]

Bombay Sapphire branded shaker circa 2000s 19 cm x 11 cm [IN BOX] [Note: double click the image so you can see it properly]

IMAGE UPDATE: Loren Dunsworth, creator of the first 60 Martini menu and owner of Lola's West Hollywood [IMAGE AT:]