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Angelique Rockas:Photographs taken from plays and films that I have acted in - and some press photos

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`Outland`film poster directed by Peter Hyams, in which a totally inexperienced Angelique Rockas was cast by Mary Selway as the Maintenance woman in a scene opposite the great Sean Connery. Trailer: | Poster of the film `Outland` |

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Designer Ann Hubbard`s draft for the `Miss Julie1 poster- based on a photo of Angelique Rockas

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Film `The Witches`, dir. Nicolas Roeg, as Henrietta wearing a wig and Angelica Huston as the Arch Witch

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`Oh Babylon` film poster , directed by Costas Ferris.A modern dress adaptation of Euripides ` The Bachhae`.Angelique Rockas played the part of Nereida. |

Angelique Rockas clowning photographed by Haris Pellapaisiotis as part of a series

Photograph by Sally Potter of Angelique Rockas that led to her being interviewed for the film `Outland` in which she played the Maintenance woman- first film part