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Inspired by the rhythms of the periodic table Levi assesses his life in terms of the chemical elements he associates with his past.

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A clear and authoritative introductory text. Updated to included the latest developments in DNA and protein synthesis, cell regulation and immunology, and reflections on their social and medical implications.

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64 anecdotes about everyday chemistry with engaging tales from the history of science.

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Guides students through the various types of equations which they will encounter during A-level Chemistry.

This book brings Chemistry to life with a tour of 18 elements.

Atkins, a physical chemist takes us into the world of chemical elements, with all their individual quirks and personalities. Accessible read.

Famous victims, infamous criminals and notorious substances: discover the secret history of poison and how it has shaped our world.

'Vanity, Vitality and Virility' by John Emsley investigates the secrets behind everyday products, from sunscreen lotion and disposable nappies, to even chewing gum.

The Pre-U Chemistry course provides greater breadth and depth than A-levels and IB Chemistry. It is for students who want a deeper understanding of Chemistry as a subject. This is an ideal book to bridge the gap between school Chemistry and univerity Chemistry.