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Jamnagar has been known as the ‘Brass Parts – Brass Components’ center of the world. We have ready infrastructure to make all sorts of your needs. Our 9 Engineers Team round the clock ensure impeccable quality for our discerning customers from UK, Germany, USA, Australia and Canada etc. Contact us to know about how can we fulfill your requirements.

Cast Earth plate - Earthing Wiring Accessories

Heavy Duty Cast Cable Saddle are made from gunmetal or brass. These are used for 4 way connection straight or T joints for round conductors. The lids are secured by four screw.

Heavy Duty Cast Cable Saddle - Earthing Wiring Accessories

ARIHANT INTERNATIONAL an ISO 9001: 2008 company is serving Metal Industry since 1973 situated in INDIA . We are one of the leading manufacturers of Precision Metal Components used in both Ferrous & Non Ferrous metals. We have owned name worldwide due to its years of experience & perseverance to attain Customer Satisfaction through Quality manufacturing . We are recognized as strong reliable partner in the areas of Ferrous and Non Ferrous metal applications .

Brass Round Stud Anchors Manufacturers , Exporters and Suppliers

Brass Round Stud Anchors Suppliers, Various High Quality Brass Round Stud Anchors, Range of Brass Round Stud Anchors, Brass Anchors Fasteners

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