Tender asparagus and baby corn topped with a paprika flavoured cheese sauce. It makes an interesting starter to serve with aperitifs.

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Corn is fun whether you have it boiled at home, from the steamed american corn vendors, or from the roadside corn-wallah who roasts it on a spluttering coal stove and expertly coats it with just the right amount of lemon and spices. This masaledar version of corn is a great snack for a monsoon’s day.

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Dont prevent your kids from eating their favourite foods; inject good health into them instead by adding the right ingredients. For example, use rice noodles instead of refined flour (Maida) noodles and add healthy ingredients like veggies, sprouts, peanuts etc. By concocting healthier versions of their favourite dishes, your kids can have their way, and so can you!

Craving for fat laden, crispy potato chips? Here's a zero oil alternative that is even tastier than readymade potato chips. These are baked at lower temperatures for a longer time to get crispier wafers. Worth every minute spent on it! Serve with innovative sweet and sour mango salsa for an interesting taste.

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