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Wenzelite Back Support A #lightweight #padded #back support promotes improved posture and trunk control. Simple to use at home, school, or anywhere you go. It securely straps to chairs, wheelchairs, and strollers.

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Weighted Gel Lap Pad - 7 Pounds Rectangular Shape 10 x 22 This large, 10 x 22" weighted #vinyl #lap #pad with blue gel and sparkles inside provides deep pressure to help create a secure grounded feeling. Weighted products provide #proprioceptive input that helps establish increased body awareness...

Wenzelite Optional Soft Fabric for Otter Pediatric Bathing System, Green, Small Soft Fabric Kit for Otter #Pediatric #Bathing #System model# OT 1000. The Soft Otter Bath Chair Fabric has some give for greater comfort. It comes complete with trunk straps and leg straps and has extra padding between fabric and chair frame.

Wenzelite Optional Shower Stand for Otter Pediatric Bathing System, White Add height for easier use and wheels for safe mobility with a shower stand for the #Wenzelite #Otter #Bathing #system.The quick-release locks securely hold the bath seat in place and allow for quick connection and disconnection.

Wenzelite Headrest For Wenzelite First Class School Chair Adjustable #Headrest for Wenzelite Model number: FC 2000, FC 4000. Height, depth and angle adjustable headrest rotates and can be placed off center.

Wenzelite Lateral Support And Scoli Strap For Wenzelite Trotter Mobility Rehab Stroller, Black Use this adjustable and removable strap with the #Trotter #mobility #chair to provide lateral support for the user. It can also be pulled to one side for scoliosis correction.

Wenzelite Forearm Platforms for all Wenzelite Posterior and Anterior Safety Rollor and Gait Trainers These comfortable #Forearm #Platforms provide comfortable support for users that cannot hold onto traditional handgrips. The platforms can be mounted anywhere on the handlebars to accommodate each user's weight bearing needs.

Wenzelite Foot and Ankle Positioner for Wenzelite Trotter Mobility Rehab Stroller, Black #Foot and #Ankle #positioners provide adjustable support for users of the #Trotter #Rhab #Stroller from #Wenzelite. Features : Provides support and positioning *Adjustable foot and ankle straps *Easily attaches to foot rest Color : Black

Wenzelite Headrest Add comfort and enhance positioning with the Headrest accessory for the #Wenzelite #Seat2Go #Positioning #Seat. The padded headrest is height adjustable without tools for excellent neck and head support.

Wenzelite Dolphin Bath Chair The #Dolphin #Bath #Chair offers the features and comfort necessary for superior postural support of a child in the bath. The seat is depth adjustable and has 5 tilt positions while the back support has 10 angle positions including Trandelberg to provide the most comfortable positon for the child.