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Narendra Modi has initiated his 'Digital India' project to connect India digitally and deliver government programs and services to individuals across India. But the project is facing many challenges relating to security, cyber laws, infrastructure, and other.

ammu & Kashmir continues to hang in political uncertainty, thanks to CM Mehbooba Mufti of PDP who is trying to extract maximum concessions from a hapless BJP as a pre-condition to forming the next coalition government. And she has been negotiating hard. #Kashmir #JammuAndKashmir #MehboobaMufti #India #PDP #BJP #Politics

The state government of #Delhi plans to implement a number of radical measures to improve the pollution scenario in the National Capital Region. From 1 January 2016, private cars with odd and even numbers would be allowed to ply only on alternate days. This means that on the days that the odd-numbered cars use the road, the even numbers will not and vice versa. This will also be applicable for VIP vehicles. The thermal power plants at #Badarpur and #Rajghat will be closed. #DelhiOddEven

Highlights of India-Africa Forum Summit 2015! The recently-concluded #India Africa Forum Summit involved perhaps the largest participation of African countries on one platform. It has been estimated that almost 1000 delegates represented 54 countries that presently call themselves the members of the African Union. Normally, such events would have their usual diplomatic importance, but if #SushmaSwaraj is to be believed then the summit has also provided a golden opportunity to improve the…

Has muscle power and money power shown its ugly face in Delhi elections, too?