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Eco friendly glow in the dark pebbles and aggregates. The pebbles are used for glow in the dark fun indoors and outdoors, wherever there is light (so the pebbles can charge). The aggregate is used in hardscaping, concrete, concrete countertops, pools or even fish tanks! See more eco friendly products at #dayglow #summercrafts #springcrafts #nightlights #lighting #ecofriendly #sustainablelandscaping #glowinthedark #sustainableideas #landscaping #fun #craft #glow #funwithkids

make a canopy for myself, with a hula hoop, yards of tulle fabric, and a simple chain and eye hooks duh, how easy?

In the Signorini Shower head ultra slim metallic blocks, studded with rows of tiny nozzles, rain brilliant colored water. Two central lights illuminate the free flowing water in a warm yellow, passionate red, mellow blue or green earthy light. Perfect for creating a dramatic accent color, or merely for it's therapeutic effect the lighted shower head embraces contemporary style. Created by Signorini Design, the Ultra Slim shower head is available as both a ceiling-mounted and a…

this gave me a great idea...maybe toothbrush splatter paint the canopy with some glow in the dark fabric paint....Ill have to experiment

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