Portable Reading Room is a space made for one person intended for the reading of The Box Man by Kobo Abe. A perambulatory architecture for one, it is intended to mirror the novel, which tells the story of a man who decides to live inside a cardboard box (worn over his head and down to his knees). On castors, the room can be moved (for privacy or for a good reading spot) by pushing off with a foot through the hole in the floor. The work is accompanied by additional reading material.

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The Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board rejected authenticity of a high profile "Warhol Self-Portrait", the artist replicated 12 identical "Warhol Self-Portraits" and then sent them to be formally marked DENIED by the Authentication Board. This act created new value from a process used to negate value, also calling into question what is authenticity. From those initial 12 paintings, the artist replicated the DENIED stamp of the Authentication Board and then subsequently created further…

STUDIO JOB Banana Lamp Series (2015) Polished bronze, blown and engraved glass, paint, LED Limited edition of 6 + 2 EA Courtesy Carpenters Workshop Gallery www.carpentersworkshopgallery.com

지난 10년간 중국의 어마한 급성장의 이면에 드러나기 시작한 통합된 단일 개념에 반대하여 개인의 개별적 특성을 탐구할 목적으로 기획되었다. 왕칭송은 이들 양단간의 공통된 기반을 재고하는 실험을 해왔다. 그는 자신의 작업을 통해 해결책을 제시하기보다 오히려 그것을 통해 끊임없는 질문들을 마련한다. 이러한 그의 질문은 과거와 현재, 전통과 새로움, 신앙과 불신앙과 같은 오늘날 중국을 형성하는 모든 분야의 논리로 관람자가 스스로의 입장을 추구하게 한다.

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