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Founded by leading German orthopaedic specialist and former surgeon, Dr. Gerd Mueller MD, AktivOrtho™ focuses on the non-invasive treatment and prevention of all types of chronic and acute musculoskeletal problems as well as neurological disorders.
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Ms. Ravina Srinivasan: (Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM)/Muscle weakness): “At AktivOrtho™, I have seen a considerable improvement in my overall body flexibility and mobility. Ms Pooja Bajaj was my physiotherapist from December 2013 to April 2014.During my treatment, I have gained overall muscle strength, improvement in balance, mobility, flexibility and confidence. AktivOrtho™ team is dedicated and sincere. Their approach is personalised and is of better quality”.

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Ms. Swati Sodhi: (Ankle injury): “I personally feel quality and care at AktivOrtho™ are par excellence. From my first consultation with Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) and the quick diagnosis, to the way the treatment was prescribed and executed, I knew and could feel I was in great hands. I'm generally feeling healthier, having also lost the extra weight that I put on due to lack of movement with my injured ankle. It is like I have a new lease of life and I'm a complete addict to the Aktiv way!”

Ms. Sangeeta Sharma: (swelling in neck and stiff upper back): “I was a bit sceptical when I started out here (AktivOrtho™) but very soon this scepticism was replaced by satisfaction. The therapists work towards making you not dependent. Precision! That’s what I have experienced at AktivOrtho™. To treat well, a doctor must need to diagnose accurately and that’s what Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) did. He had diagnosed with precision and his team took it through with the same precision”.

Ms. Elizabeth Osborne: (suffered from neck, shoulder and arm pain): “At AktivOrtho™, I have got a different type of experience which is truly great. Their process was very successful and the treatment was excellent. Thanks to Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) and his team, now I am feeling 90 per cent better. I am relatively pain-free and have got some good exercises from AktivOrtho™. My physiotherapist was very professional and thorough in managing the stretching.”

Mr Hans Cornelsen: (Knee pain): “Before coming to AktivOrtho™, I had visited many hospitals and met several doctors but then decided to stop my visits. At AktivOrtho™, I have experienced a different approach. Its physiotherapists are well-trained and highly experienced. I felt very comfortable here and the atmosphere is very friendly. Now, I am feeling great with my right knee. AktivOrtho™ has enabled me to make a big step forward post my surgery. Now, I am much better and energetic”.

Mr. M.S. Sahni: (Stroke patient): “In my view, all other facilities are more general while AktivOrtho™ deals with more specific treatment. The quality and care has been really satisfactory. Thanks to AktivOrtho™, now I am almost normal, healthy, fit and capable of doing much more than anybody of my age. My life has become more active and normal now. I must thank my physiotherapist, Ms. Lipi Verma also for guiding me towards good health and active life”.

Ms. Jyotsna Diesh: (Decreased mobility): “At AktivOrtho™, I had observed that they give more emphasis on individual needs and the treatment is clearly monitored in reference to a patient’s recovery. The quality is excellent. I was assigned to Dr. Pooja Bajaj who is a dedicated and well-trained physiotherapist. With expert guidance from Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) and through Pooja’s dedication, my condition has improved impressively in a short span of time. Now, I feel more confident”.

Mr. Rakesh Sahni: (Bilateral pontine infarct or brainstem stroke, balance issue): “At AktivOrtho™, I got a feeling of a highly “customised treatment”. Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) gave me a new hope and I could see after two months of coming to AktivOrtho™ that I have improved much, started driving a car independently and confidently and achieved better balance with my walking as well. I could claim that I felt a recovery of 6/10 in my initial 18 months following the stroke. Now, I give it 8/10”.

Ms. Vanda Antelava: (Chronic Back and Neck Pain, Osteoporosis): “I have to say that apart from the medical perspective which is brilliant, I am just really struck by the atmosphere and the attention to detail that comes from everyone at AktivOrtho™. You know even in the most positive India experiences when it comes to service, there is always something that isn't done quite right and leaves you slightly disappointed. I think AktivOrtho™ is the only place where I haven't gone away feeling…

Mr. Gurmeet Kanwal: (Spina bi-fida, Low Back Pain): “Before visiting AktivOrtho™, I had gone to RR Army Hospital. There, the experience was good but the rehabilitation process at AktivOrtho™ is better. Patients get more personalised attention by better qualified physiotherapists. It offers scientifically-designed physiotherapy and excellent quality care. Now, I am much better and am able to perform my daily functional activities almost completely normally”.

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