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Sex is one of those topics that we usually address behind closed doors. And because it is such a little-spoken-about topic, the misconceptions that surround it are umpteen. Most people think that women don't have too many concerns when it comes to sex, but boy are they wrong! Here's debunking the myths that surround women and sex, so you can stop believing them NOW! Image courtesy: Shutterstock Don't Miss! 15 Things You Didn't Know Could Affect Your Sex Life

This father's gesture for his little girl is a heart-warming one. Alistair Campbell from New Zealand decided to get a tattoo mirroring his daughter, Charlotte's cochlear implants, to make her feel better about wearing them.

Most guys keep looking for that perfect girl to date, but are more often than not left in confusion and dilemma of what they want or don’t. Here is an end to all their searches for the perfect girlfriend, because Gujarati girls are the best ever and will keep you happy no matter what. Here are reasons why.

Marriage, whether love or arranged, comes with its own set of happiness, expectations and above all, a ton of doubts. While the couple does have occasional doubts, it’s not surprising that the bride has a large majority of them. After all, she’s the one supposed to leave her present family and life behind, and become a part of a whole new world. Here are 7 doubts that top the list of every Indian bride, no matter what!