Ashlea Landers
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!0 More and 10 Less! Spin the spinner with a pencil and paper clip, write the number and then write 10 less and 10 more! How FUN and engaging!

During this game, students will practice telling one more, one less, ten more, and ten less than a given number. This game can be used during Envision's Topic 9: Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 100.

Write numbers 1-10 on a beach ball. Make sure to repeat so kids can practice multiplying like numbers. When your child catches the ball, they multiply together the two numbers their hands land on before throwing it to the next person.

"One More" Activity; roll the dice ... add 1 more to cover up the total.... mmmm... 1 less.... change numbers on card and dice and do doubles! LH

One Less Math Game... could make a board for 1 more....... doubles.... half it.... I'll try it! LH

'Zap it!' One more or one less game - place sticks face down in the pot, children take turns to pull out a stick and say the number one more or one less than the number on the stick. If they pull out a stick with ' zap it!' written on, they must put all their sticks back in the pot. Work as a team to try to get all the sticks out of the pot apart from the ones with 'zap it'! written on! Very popular game in our class! LG☆