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11 Mistakes That Kill the Conversions of Your Landing Page 11 Mistakes That Kill the Conversions of Your Landing Page The best way to achieve better conversion rates is by avoiding mistakes mentioned in this post. Conversion ratio is completely dependent on landing page optimisation. The better optimised the landing is, the better the conversion rate will be. Always keep on testing prominent elements like headlines, CTA, subtitles, emotion factors, color combinations, etc.


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Adcombo CPA Network Review – New Innovative CPA Network


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If you are new to affiliate marketing or have limited budget then I would suggest to try Adsbridge and TrackingDesk as they offer 30 days free trial along with low monthly subscription package, whereas Voluum doesn’t. #Affiliate #Tracking #Adsbridge #TrackingDesk

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[Case Study] How I Transformed -28.79% ROI To 317.35% ROI On Diet Vertical With…

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When it comes to affiliate marketing, everything depends on a good hosting and it’s the most important thing which bothers until a perfect and reliable solution is found. The importance of good web host is huge and directly affects the performance of affiliate’s campaigns. So in this post I will do a review on best website hosting for affiliate marketers. #AffiliateMarketing #Marketing #hosting

Importance Of Website Hosting In Affiliate Marketing & Web Hosting Reviews - Affiliate Ninja Club

If you a serious Facebook marketer then Adfox is a must have facebook ad spy tool if you want to stay ahead of competition. Adfox really made Facebook marketing so easy with detailed insights and ad intelligence data. #FacebookMarketing #FacebookAds #marketing #ANC Review - The Next Generation Facebook Ad Spy Tool - Affiliate Ninja Club

In my last post I have mentioned how to set up your very first cpa campaign. In this, post I will highlight about all the metrics or variables which directly affect the performance of a campaign and how to optimize your campaign to make it profitable. #AffiliateMarketing #Marketing

How To Optimize Your CPA Campaigns - Affiliate Ninja Club

In my last post, I have told about the different metrics which can affect the overall performance of a campaign. This post will be a little case-study on the impact of country flag on your campaign. #AffiliateMarketing #Marketing

[Case-Study] Impact Of County Flag On your Campaign - Affiliate Ninja Club

This is my honest review about the dojo premium membership of AffiliateFix Forum. You will get many online courses and premium membership sites where you can learn all about affiliate marketing. Most of them are crash course with limited valued information; high valued price and most of the time has recurring plans. #AffiliateMarketing #Marketing #AffiliateFix

The AffiliateFix Dojo Review - Affiliate Ninja Club