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Been thinking of wanting to kick the nicotine habit? Well these are some realistic ways of trying. And maybe with the new year who knows your no smoking resolution might just come true.<div><br></div><div>If you really want to quit smoking try and think of a powerful motivator to get you through the process. Don't quit because someone has told you it is bad for you. Quit because you're worried about getting lung cancer or exposing your family to second hand ...


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Today, we get so caught up in our work that we forget to make time for relationships. And slowly, they lose the warmth that once made them special. This film by Wagh Bakri Tea tells one such story.

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what do u think about kiran bedi ? will he win from delhi or not?

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Are you just starting to look for a job? Or have you been looking for some time but have found yourself to be out of luck? Worry not. Just read below this list of the 10 most frequently asked questions in interviews and prepare for them well in advance. The trick is to not let your interviewer find you in a tight spot. One tiny mistake and nervousness wrecks a havoc in your mind and your interview is almost done for.<div><br></div><div>So read this blog and be well prepared as to what to ...

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Narendra Modi Vs Barack Obama Rap Battle - Shudh Desi Raps

Narendra Modi Vs Barack Obama Rap Battle | itimes

In what was one of the most brutally honest events involving Bollywood, All India Bakchod a comedy group made fun of Karan Johar's alleged gay status. With so many jokes and speculations on Kjo's sexuality, this was the closest Karan Johar came to admitting he was gay. What do you think?

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Behold, Sunny Deol is here to teach you how to dance.

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If you really want to find out how Indian you really are, take a trip some where outside India. Because you see you may have thought you superior to your fellow countrymen till the time you actually hunted for some Indian food in the back alleys of Little India in Singapore. There are things peculiar to us Indians when we are faced with the daunting task of sightseeing on a budget with time constraints. You may have witnessed some and you may have done some, but this is what truly separates…

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