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Aaliya Rai

delhi/ncr / Aaliya is a famous Health Fitness and Beauty expert. Here she is sharing the latest trends and tips about health, beauty, fitness, parenting and more.
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Benefits of Green Tea is Boon for those who have lost battle after complete medical history. Drink Green Tea Daily and Keep your illness away from Body

Best ways to protect your hair styles so that it will stay strong and lustrous for a longer period of time #hairstyle #haircare #hair

Home Remedies for Dark Circles under Eyes 1: Meditation or yoga 2: Grated Potatoes 3: Cold Tea Bags 4: Cold Milk

Walking is the best form of exercise as it helps you to stay fit and healthy. It is the most inexpensive source of doing any exercise. Walking helps to strengthen the mind and soul and you feel greatly energized, not just after walking, but for the rest of the day. Walking in the mornings is one gentle exercise which helps awaken the mind to the full. Walking also helps to keep you thin and lose weight. Some of the many benefits of walking are:

Coconut water is the ultimate thirst quencher and offers a tasty alternative to water. Coconut water has great calorific value along with fat and minerals with nitrogenous substances. To know more benefits of coconut water visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCWnydYS9V

Ayurveda, which literally means the science of life. ayurveda is an ancient medical science which was developed in india. It can help us to stay fit and healthy at a fraction of what other options can cost. To know more about ayurveda visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUDD5Au8rsM

Treatment of cervical cancer depends on several factors, including the type and stage of cancer. Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy are common treatments for cervical cancer. Here are the side effect of cervical cancer treatment. To know more Visit: https://www.medylife.com/blog/health/the-after-effects-of-cervical-cancer-treatment/

Banana is a great food but do you know how it is beneficial for you? Banana helps in minimizing the risk of many disease as cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, blindness and many other. Here we are explaining 10 health benefits of banana for better health. to know more visit: https://www.medylife.com/blog/health/banana-fruitful-fruit-of-all-seasons/