GIS and CAD Services Company – AABSyS, the leading GIS company among all Indian GIS companies offers cost effective GIS services and CAD services to its Indian as well as worldwide customers
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AABSyS offers dedicated services in 3D Solid modeling. Our team is very competent in preparing solid models for machineries. Our customers for 3D Solid Modeling are from Mechanical engineering and related industries.

AABSyS provides LiDAR data processing, a hot technology in GIS and Remote Sensing for generation of digital elevation model, digital terrain model and triangulated inverse network and so on to provide highly accurate detail of earth's surface.

Digital Photogrammetry Services at AABSyS include aerial triangulation, LiDAR data processing, digital elevation model, vector mapping, ortho photo generation & 3d modeling.

AABSyS IT offers Parcel Mapping services. Parcel Mapping has a variety of uses starting from Land administration and property registration by Urban and Rural governing bodies to Municipality planning and Urban development.

AABSyS offers end-to-end customization and GIS application development services in common platforms (ESRI Suite products, ERDAS Apollo, Open source and so on).

AABSyS IT offers GIS Remote Sensing services - GIS Agricultural Mapping and Forestry Mapping. GIS application in agriculture is used for developing elevation models for efficient drainage and leveling, managing assets and preserving environment.

With architectural floor plans, you can have a clear view of interior of the house or complexes with furniture and floor covering

AABSyS, the leading GIS and CAD services company provides architectural 3d modeling services to its worldwide customers.

Architectural 3D Floor Plans - With architectural 3D floor plans, you can have a clear view of interior of the houses or apartment with furniture layout and floor covering.

Architectural Drafting - AABSyS IT offers architectural CAD drafting services for architects, consultants and contractors. Architectural CAD drafting of floor plans, furniture arrangements plans are some of the architectural drafting services provided by us.

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