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Ear ache can be a painful condition for children as well as for adults. It is found to be a common reason for which the children are brought in to the doctors to be diagnosed. It is common more in children than in adults as they are more exposed to germs and cold and they have...


Why we love pumpkin ravioli 1. So satisfying to make fresh pasta. 2. Sensational flavours. 3. Loved by kids and adults alike. 4. Master this recipe and you'll be making ravioli with all kinds of fillings: tomato and beef, ricotta and spinach, walnut and mushroom... 5. A great...


A popular neivedhyam aka Prasadam offered in South Indian temples is Puliyodharai/Pulihora. Each temple has its own signature prasadam be it the Tirupathi laddu, the puliyodharai offered at the Meenakshi temple in Madhurai or the chakkra pongal offered at Sampat Vinayagar temple in Vizag.

Using artificial supplements is very common nowadays. But, there are many serious things that you have to consider while using any artificial supplements. The most important among them are the side effects of artificial supplements. You should understand the pros and cons to make a wise selection.

Ingredients: 4 - eggs 1 tsp - cumin seeds 1 tsp - black pepper corns Tamarind, a small ball 2 to 3 tbsp - oil 1/2 tsp - fenugreek seeds 1/4 tsp - mustard 1/4 tsp - cumin for tempering 5 to 6 - curry leaves 1 - onion

Bread flour- 2 cups ( If bread flour is not available, you can make your own. Measure 2 cups all purpose flour. Then remove 2 tbsp from it and replace with 2 tbsp vital gluten. I have made these knots with only APF in the past and they came out good too. )