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Monsoon at WWI

Our students are our brand ambassadors! Their love for the institute is overwhelming. This monsoon, they have taken upon them the responsibility of portraying the magnificence of our campus by clicking and sharing images. So, here's an entire album dedicated to our students' photography and for you to explore our campus from various 'angles'! Stay tuned for more! ‪#‎MonsoonAtWWI‬
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Pic 20: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Harshit Poddar "Beautiful architecture situated in the green makes it a unique experience here."

‪Pic 37: #‎MonsoonAtWWI‬ by ‪#‎WWIStudent‬ Karamjot Singh "Dome of experience and heaven in disguise."

Pic 31: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Vikram Sethia "It stood just the same for so much went through it"

Pic 32: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Akhil Jain "But beneath the shade of the sky, stood an epitome of brilliance, tall strong and high" — with Akhil Jain.

Pic 33: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Divya Singh "When the day is beautiful, your heart & mind feel the beauty! Magical, Serene, Surreal, Pretty! Whistling Woods International is the place where creativity meets colours of life, intelligence meets inspiration & excellence, dreams meet destiny! #LifeAtWWI Drives your talent to the door of your infinite creative journey, this birth & the pretty purple flowers sprinkled in divine nature welcomes you at Whistling Woods Like it is meant to be. My…

Pic 34: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Ganesh Kayyala "It may be raining or it may not be , but the time we spent in WWI is , what we will cherish for the rest of our lives. :)"

Pic 35: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Vishal Tanna "In the lap of Nature"

Pic 36: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Ahmed Khan

Pic 24: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent V K Singh "All the big dreams are filled in this void space"

Pic 23: #MonsoonAtWWI by #WWIStudent Rohit Valecha "Shadows of the Shower"