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Yantra Astrology

What are yantra? How many types of yantras are there benefit and features as per
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" Bagala Mukhi Yantra " by Astrologer Rahul Kaushal --------------------------------------------------------- Bagalamukhi Yantra is actually the residence of Goddess Maa Baglamukhi. This yantra is extremely powerful and used for evading negativity and enemies. In case you ever come across or experience violence, comparisons, quarrels, legal issues, you must dedicate your time towards planning this yantra.


Bagala Mukhi Yantra

" Kuber Yantra " by Pandit Rahul Kaushal ------------------------------------------------------ Kuber Yantra is an auspicious yantra dedicated to the God of Wealth, the Lord Kuber. The mystic powers of the God kuber are connected to the yantra in a way that the possessor of the yantra is blessed with immense wealth and money.


Kuber Yantra

" Mahamritunjay Yantra " by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer --------------------------------------------------------- This yantra is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is considered extremely powerful as it could easily relieve you of any dreadful diseases. All your dangerous fears of ghosts or spells could be easily curbed and you can enjoy a peaceful life.

What is Mahamritunjay Yantra, Mantra, Puja, Effect, Remedy?

" Planet Yantra " by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer ------------------------------------------------------- Yantraicon3Yantras are like objects that can be used to ward off any kind of negativity or evil thing. All yantras can be associated with the nine planets. Each planet will have the ability to exhibit some kind of flaws.

Planet Yantra

" Ganapati Yantra " by Pandit Rahul Kaushal -------------------------------------------------------- Lord Ganesh is also called as Lord Ganpati and is the foremost of all the gods. People worship Lord Ganesh before beginning any new work as it considered being good luck. Lord Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is the god of knowledge.

Ganapati Yantra

The Supreme Yantra for Wealth, Health, Prosperity & Removal of all decease.This Yantra is made on Copper plate with partial Golden plating

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" Hanuman Yantra " by Acharya Rahul Kaushal --------------------------------------------------------- The definition of yantra can be a talisman or an instrument designed usually in copper. Worshipping a yantra can be considered as a way of fulfilling wishes and removing the troubles of life.


Hanuman Yantra

" Kaal Sarp Yantra " by Astrologer Rahul Kaushal -------------------------------------------------------- Kaal is another word for death. A person who is born under the kaal sarp yog faces near death experiences almost all his life. Struggle rules the life of people born with the kaal sarp yog.

Kaal Sarp Yantra

" Ketu Yantra " by Pandit Rahul Kaushal ---------------------------------------------------------- Ketu according to Vedic astrology is not a planet but a supporting shadow planet that exhibits invisible nodes on the Earth and Moon. This yantra will appease the shadow planet Ketu and erase all irregularities occurring in your horoscope.

Ketu Yantra

" Durga Bisa Yantra " by Pandit Rahul Kaushal ----------------------------------------------------- The Durga bisa yantra symbolizes the Goddess Durga. The yantra is a very powerful one and the one who has it is showered with divine blessings from Goddess Durga.


Durga Bisa Yantra