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Numerology Numbers

What is numerology? What are lucky numbers? What does each number depicts
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" Numerology Number 8 " by Numerologist Rahul Kaushal -------------------------------------------------------- Numerology Number 8 : Saturn is the ruling Planet of nature number 8. It is the farthest from earth and slowest in movement. It is inert, cold and dry in nature and is considered to be the most of malefic planet. It is also known as the planet of fate.


Numerology Number 8

" Numerology Number 6 " by Numerologist Rahul Kaushal -------------------------------------------------------- Numerology Number 6: This number is governed by the planet of love, Beauty & Romance as well as art i.e. Venus . All those born on 6th, 15th, 24th of a month are under the control of this planet. These people have a very bright & attractive outlook with neat & clean clothes. They are strong and conscious about their physical appearance…


Numerology Number 6

" Numerology Number 5 " by Numerologist Rahul Kaushal -------------------------------------------------------- Numerology Number 5 : This number 5 is governed by planet Mercury representing fastness, shrewdness, diplomacy, business ability as well as activeness, with mentally sharpness. The people born on 5th, 14th ,23rd or a month are governed by this planet of evaluation everything in terms of business mind.


Numerology Number 5

Discover the significance of your #Numerology #Sun Number and the strong influence it has over your whole life.

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" Numerology Number 9 " by Numerologist Rahul Kaushal -------------------------------------------------------- Numerology Number 9 : Mars is the ruling planet of nature number 9. Mars is the divine commander in chief. They are strong with the intense energy that seems to burst at seems. They are constantly active and do not rest until they reach their goal. They have a strong sense of purpose, order, discipline, courage and self-confidence.

Numerology Number 9

" Numerology Number 7 " by Numerologist Rahul Kaushal -------------------------------------------------------- Numerology Number 7 : Ketu, Moon’s South node, is the ruling plant of nature number 7. They are very original, independent and strong in body and mind. Though they face many upheavals in their life, failure becomes key to their success.

Numerology Number 7

" Numerology Number 4 " by Numerologist Rahul Kaushal -------------------------------------------------------- Numerology Number 4 : Number four is represented by RAHU which has been imagined to be a shadowish in nature & has a attractive personality. All those born on 4,13,22nd& 21st of a month are governed by this number. Which is revolutionary in nature and represent unexpected happenings in life.

Numerology Number 4

" Numerology Number 3 " by Numerologist Rahul Kaushal --------------------------------------------------------- Numerology Number 3 : This number is represented by the planet jupiter a symbol of morality, mercy, love & justice as well as religious matters normally the natives represented by this number are found to be lucky & they are confident about their own decisions.

Numerology Number 3

" Numerology Number 2 " by Numerologist Rahul Kaushal ------------------------------------------------------ Numerology Number 2 : This number two is represented by “moon” which is a watery plannet. Those who born on 2nd, 11th , 20 & 29 in date of any month are governed by this plannet. These natives are of wavering mind having cnumganble nature as well as remain in their own world of imagination and dreams of their thoughts

Numerology Number 2

" Numerology Number 1 " by Rahul Kaushal Numerologist --------------------------------------------------------- Numerology Number 1 : The natives born on 1st , 10th , 19th& 28th of a month are aoverned by this number our the lord of which is ‘sun’ which is a symbol of energy and enthusiasm , originality and activity, Brave and Brilliant . The natives of the number have their liking in all the subjects and like the beautifulness in every thing…

Numerology Number 1