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" Singing Bowl " The singing bowl is considered as an excellent tool for space clearing purposes and its usage in the house improves harmony among family members and the place becomes yang and it creates state of yin yang balance.

Singing Bowl

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" Wish Granting Cow " by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer -------------------------------------------------------- Cow is considered as holy animal in India and Nepal and worshipping of cow holds a special place in the hearts of people. Similarly in Feng Shui, the wish fulfilling cow is symbolic of good luck.

Wish Granting Cow

" Wind Chimes " by Acharya Rahul Kaushal -------------------------------------------------------- Windchimes are excellent source of enhancing good luck in the house. The number of rods and the material used to make windchimes is important. The windchimes placing is an important issue because it cannot be hanged anywhere in the house.

Wind Chimes

" Wealth Vase " by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer ---------------------------------------------------------- A Wealth Vase is symbol of continuing growth of a family’s wealth. It can be made of porcelain, china or any other pottery. The shape of the vase is such that it has wide mouth, a narrow neck, a fat body and stable flat base.

Wealth Vase

" Various Feng Shui symbols for good luck " bby Astrologer Rahul Kaushal --------------------------------------------------------- In symbolic Feng Shui, there are certain dimensions which are considered to be good for bringing healthy luck whereas, certain dimensions are believed to bring Bad luck to you also.

Various Feng Shui symbols for good luck

" Tsai ShenYeh " by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer -------------------------------------------------------- In symbolic FengShui, one of the most popular Gods that symbolize wealth is Tsai ShenYeh and is depicted as sitting on a tiger. His rob is shown as having a dragon motif which again is a sign of prosperity and good fortune.

Tsai ShenYeh

" The Mongoose " by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer ----------------------------------------------------------- The Mongoose is look likes rat and it is another animal that symbolizes getting wealth as wealth as well as overcoming bad luck. It is said to give out jewels and gem stones from its mouth as it shown as sitting on bed of ingots and coins.

The Mongoose

" The Conch " by Pandit Rahul Kaushal --------------------------------------------------------- The conch is considered to be suitable symbol to energize travel luck.It is especially effective for people who deal in overseas business and travel abroad. The shell is one of the eight auspicious symbols found on the foot of the Buddha.

The Conch

" Symbol of Longevity " by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer -------------------------------------------------------- The crane is one of the most favored of all the birds after the phoenix as a symbol of good fortune. The crane is considered as the patriarch of all feathered creatures and is called as bird of immortality and is symbol of long and smooth life.

Symbol of Longevity