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Hello friends, Before starting with what exactly do we mean by WPI, CPI,PPI. Let's  first understand- What is inflation? In economics, inflation is a rise


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In this edition of Market Makers, ET NOW’s Nikunj Dalmia understands the art of identifying multibaggers & mega trends with Ravi Dharamshi – CIO at ValueQuest Investment Advisors.

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ccording to a report published in Financial Times, London that said” India grabs investment league pole position.” India has emerged as no. 1 position with $31 billion of FDI in H1 2015, ahead of $28 billion of China and $27 billion of US.

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Hello Readers, Let’s talk about Crude oil prices and different type of basket of crude oil. There are different types of crude oil basket like Indian crude

What is Indian crude oil basket? | ThinkOMania

COMPANIES ACT 2013 – PRIVATE COMPANIES – DRAFT NOTIFICATION On perusal of the Companies Act 2013, many provisions applicable to the private companies wer

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