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5 Great Indian Abstract Painters of 21st Century

The contributions some of these artists made to the Indian art scales beyond any measure and this is one reason for calling them ‘the greats’. If you are an art enthusiast, it will only help to know some of these great names in the art world. Here, we give you five of the most popular names in Indian abstract art. So let us learn more about them.
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Prabhakar Kolte is an important person in Indian abstract art. Born in 1946, this Maharashtrian artist also completed his training at J. J. School of Arts. In fact, he even worked as an instructor at this school of arts for almost two decades. During his starting years, Kotle took inspiration from the works of Paul Klee, a Swiss artist, and this was evident on the canvas. His bold use of strong and bright colors created a unique signature for his paintings.


Born in 1915, MF Husain was an artist who was destined to change the course of Indian abstract art. This Maharashtrian artist is perhaps the most popular artist India has ever seen. His paintings were diverse in subjects as well as emotions. Husain, along with artists like Souza, formed the Progressive Artist’s Group. Husain completed his training from J.J. School of Arts. By 1940, he was a popular figure in Indian abstract art. By the early 1950s’, his works became popular in the western…

At a time when abstract art was becoming popular in our country, a few artists dared to break free from the traditional Bengal school and join the new art movement. Tyeb Mehta was one among the few. Born in 1925 in Mumbai, he completed his education from J. J. School of Arts. Once, he held the record for being the most expensive artist of India. One of his paintings, ‘Celebration’, was sold for 15million.

Ram Kumar is another important name in the modern Indian abstract art. Born in 1924, he spent most of his childhood in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. He completed his education in art from India and France. At that time, he also made a good friend with Raza. He worked along with the greats like M.F. Husain and Tyeb Mehta in the Progressive Artists Group, which proved vital for modern Indian art.

If there is one name that rules the price charts of Indian art paintings, it is S. H. Raza. He was born in 1922 in Madhya Pradesh. In 1950, he moved to France and from then on, he has been living and working from there.Most of his art works are based on Indian astrology and science. He uses bright and vivid colors for his paintings and this has remained a trademark of Raza’s paintings. Recently, he became the