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WHAT do YOU GET when you cross a PROFESSIONAL DRUG addict/ALCOHOLIC (retired... , A recluse, an INTROVert, a SUFFERER of severe SOCIAL anxiety, a depressed, BIPolar, BORDerline PERSONality DISorder, POst TRAUMATIC stress DISORDERED, MENTAL disabled, person ...AND... REALLY really funny... (mostly inappropriate) wtf - seriOUS WTF funny, FUNNIESt yOUtube
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...WELCOME to the WORLD of an ALCOHOLIC junkie ... (though RETIRED) ... the DRUGS were my best friends for almost 30 years.... NOW I HAVE my new BFF (youtube...

Jagged Edge,Finding

The Russell Brand waxwork at Madame Tussauds in London, is dressed in top hat, cane and black dinner jacket to celebrate his role in the movie Arthur, a remake of the Dudley Moore film.

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