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With its extra strong double die cut handle and bottom gusset these are made from a high quality 1.9 mil LDPE plastic. Durable and flexible these are great for everyday use. With a selection of various colours these are one of our best sellers!

Plastic Bags | Die Cut | Solid Colour

Merchandise bags are perfect for that simple touch to your products. Each bag has the side and bottom gusset and offers the choice of colours on the pinstripe natural paper.

Paper Bags | Merchandise | Gusset

These pillow boxes are flat packed for easy storage. When ready to use they are easily popped into shape. They are available in a variety of sizes and colours. Perfect for any occasion.

Gift Packaging | Boxes | Pillow Boxes Solid Colours

If you looking for a fast, practical and convenient way to wrap your products then our Metallic Elastic Cord is for you! Choose from a range of colours, perfect for any occasion.

Gift Packaging | Ropes Ties and Tassels | Cord

Our Colour tone on white paper bags are made of 40 - 60% recycled paper. All bags have a side and bottom gusset, twisted rope handles and a white interior. Available in various different colours and sizes these are one of our top sellers.

Paper Bags | Shopping | Colour Tone on White

Satin ribbon is great for adding that extra touch for all of your packaging needs. This wired single face ribbon is easy to use and available in a range of colours and sizes.

Gift Packaging | Ribbons | Satin | Wired

Star bows are the essential requirements for any packaging to add that personal touch. Available in a variety of box pattern colours, you will be spoilt for choice!

Gift Packaging | Bows | Star Bows

Raffia Ribbon is perfect for that rustic look to your gift packaging. Its easy to use and available in a wide range of matt colours.

Gift Packaging | Ribbons | Raffia Ribbon - Matt

Made with 2.25 mil HDPE plastic these frosted tide top bags have die cut handles and a bottom gusset.

Plastic Bags | Frosted | Tide Top Bags

Available in a wide range of colours. You will be spoilt for choice! This Elite Tissue Paper is a gift packaging must have! Great for wrapping and perfect for any occasion.

Gift Packaging | Tissue Paper | Elite Colour