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La Jètee Sudent Remake, This is a PhotoStory me my peers had created.


La Jètee Sudent Remake

Chris Marker, the director and cinematographer of La Jetèe. born in 1921 and died in 2012 he is french multimedia artist sometimes called "the prototype 21st century man" due to his innovative style and thinking.


Chris Marker

Jake Hinkson interpretation: What [the main character] finds ... is that the past is never as simple as we wish it to be. To return to it is to realize that we never understood it. He also finds–and here it is impossible to miss Marker's message for his viewers–a person cannot escape from their own time, anyway. Try as we might to lose ourselves, we will always be dragged back into the world, into the here and now. Ultimately, there is no escape from the present.

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Shakeel Browne

"La Jetèe", referring to a a viewing pier at an airport. Chris marker is created out of still images in black and white depicting a post-nuclear war in time time travel.

La Jetée