Rilaaa IllUuu

Rilaaa IllUuu

Tenthiee // Wish me on feb 23 // rimian // cute and awkward // loves to read // wattpad : @Rila_Fathima
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Baked by her and eaten by me..😍😍

연인 – 보보경심: 려 / Moon Lovers / Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart

At Salalah..Its like we are in a mini Kerala..@safa182 @railu0260 @Rifahmed @najwajibin

She was in her own world,worrying about nothing...And that saved her...#Hayah #NightPhotography #AlHootaCave #Muscat @najwajibin @safa182 @Rifahmed @railu0260

My First Try In Making A Hot Chocolate...

There's nothin' better than a warm cup of hot chocolate to drink on a lazy weekend evening...My first try in making a hot chocolate

Flashbacks of the past