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Sustainable Fashion Design - dress made from repurposed laundry bags - recycled fashion; alternative materials; wearable art // Gary Harvey

Gary Harvey: Couture Fashion with a Conscience

Denim Dress, made from 41 pairs of Levi 501's. Jeans by Gary Harvey of:

Gary Harvey: A Man For All Awards Seasons - Oscars Week

Gary Harvey - Gary Harvey is the creature and founder of Gary Harvy inc. Re-cycled ‘Eco-Couture’ Collections: Inspired by vintage couture and made entirely from recycled clothing. ​ The collection was initially set up to raise awareness of limited natural resources and environmental issues involved in placing unwanted clothing into landfill and generate respect for the craftsmanship in recycling/upcycling.

Recycled Fashion and The Designers: Gary Harvey

- Olivia Mullin - Recycled Fashion Gary Harvey - One of Gary's Famous Eco designs made from old sweet wrappers