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TRISTAN guys I’m screaming right now. I just saw tristan fucking evans giving y/n a piggy back on the beach. These two are so perfect for each other! :D :D JAMES I am not ok with this....

CTC Step "A young Lady with high firm breasts and a sweet oval face" (Alvarez ). This is how Patria describes herself while looking in a mirror. While people at her church also say how she is pretty.

These images feed my eyes and nurture my soul. Every photo is here for a reason, mostly explained by its tag. I am sexually attracted to women, but also to some men from an aesthetically aspirational...

Best Sex Positions For Your Zodiac Sign - Roosterdog

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To burn with desire and keep quiet abount it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves. Federico Garcia Lorca-"Blood Wedding and Yerma" With fun and desire for life. from Germany. Curious under 18 are not allowed.

Not safe for work or if you are under Quiet observer. I love words - the sounds and the meanings. Just a place to store things I want to remember. -Please- if I have posted something of yours and not credited it or if you would like to have it...