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Further to Practika's design and furniture production to the headquarter of Centara, we also do have the service of printing pattern on furniture by Flatbed UV Inkjet Machine. That's another one we can provide you! ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬


This work was designed by Practika for Vitamins. It is a locker with multiple patterns on different door. That’s our proud of Practika services. If you want to print a pattern on your furniture or produce a piece for interior decoration, please come and talk to us! ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬

The service comes with 3-year warrantee, phone number of 24/7 maintenance, and a user manual. Also, after-sales service is the standard services of Practika. Besides, we do have the moving services for clients who would like to move furniture from old to new office without buying new ones. Practika does not have only the design for furniture, but we also provide full services to customers.

SC ASSET, a real asset company, is one of Practika's customers. At the office room, we produced tables with its highlight on wooden surface and warm tone fabric to the company's image. Besides, we designed the furniture to look more simple, cozy, and colourful by coloring the orange into the partition as its corporate identity. If you are looking for furniture. Practika is ready to serve you and to certainly answer all your needs by our experienced teams. ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬

Practika concerns on using MDF wood or Polywood as a main material in production line. As it is not the real wood, it can save the environment for reducing deforestation. What's more, we have the machine for cutting, screwing, taking out wood from the inside, and a machine for 3D production. We, Practika, prepare colleagues, staffs and machines to serve all customers with the most efficient result and satisfaction. ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬

Our packing team has expertise and experience in packaging every piece of products with no damage. Whether the size is big or small and needed to export aboard, Practika is attentive to serve you all! ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬

Practika's after-sales service is one of our services prepared to take care of our customers such issues as damaged furniture or even small one like lost keys. Since our staffs can provide you 24-hour maintenance and support, your design and service will be guaranteed by us. ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬

"Furniture moving service", operated by Practika, is one of our services you may not know about us. Our proficient and knowledgable team can help your furniture move from one to another place professionally without any damages. Besides, whatever the desire of furniture will be, Practika has several services to answer with all. Just come and talk to us, we are pleasant to help you both products and full services! ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬

At Practika, our machinery in multiple types can serve all customers' requirement. "Flatbed UV Inkjet Machine", one of our special ones, can print custom-made patterns onto flatten materials such as fabric, wood, metal, and mirror. Come and talk to us with any of your ideas! ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬