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God is not proved objectively. What is proved objectively — the electron, neutron or proton? Nobody has yet seen electrons, neutrons, protons, but the scientists say they are.


Looking For God In The Lab

Decision is good when it comes out of life; it is bad when it comes only out of the head. And when it comes only out of the head it is never decisive; it is always a conflict. The alternatives remain open and the mind goes on and on, from this side to that. That’s how the mind creates conflict.


Decision Making

Every night sit comfortably in a chair and rest your head back, like you do at the dentist. You can use a pillow. Then release your lower jaw. Just relax it so the mouth opens slightly, and start breathing from the mouth, not from the nose. Don’t change your breathing – let it be natural.


Unwinding Before Sleep - Meditation

When you feel anxious, anxiety-ridden, what is one to do? What do you ordinarily do when anxiety is there? You try to solve it. You try alternatives, and you get more and more into it. You will create a bigger mess because anxiety cannot be solved through thinking. It cannot be dissolved through thinking because thinking itself is a sort of anxiety.


Feeling Anxious? Be Alert!

“In the twenty-four hours of a day you need to be silent for an hour or so, whenever it is convenient. The internal dialogue will go on but don’t be party to it.


The Inner Dialogue

Everything Converges in Your Being - OSHOTIMES - Igniting Individual Intelligence

It is not uncommon to come across a post like this updated by the busy high tech guys, ” I feel like I have too many thoughts running through my head. It makes me feel like my body can’t keep up with my thought process.


Cool the brain, work with hands - OSHOTIMES - Igniting Individual Intelligence

OSHO Times_Die Without Any Question and Without Any Answer

Die Without Any Question and Without Any Answer