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Rust Texture - Bing Images

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I found this extremely creative and eye catching. The metal colours are unique and add dimension to the piece. I particularly like this piece because of the colours the artists has used and the material that has been used.

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Beautiful embroidery. Nava Lubelski. Rejects usefulness and embraces destruction, repair, defects. Works with painting and embroidery to create moody, decorative pieces.

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Petri dishes with crocheted mould colonies by Elinart.

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Beauty in nature: microscopic plant cells. It all comes down to patterns... texture, colour and pattern inspiration #design

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Personality Disorder Photography

the veins carved their routes on her skin, he wondered how they'd look if they dug in, started caving inward... mask of dryness, red clay... silt? Captivating, mortifying... imaginations...

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ضحيت لعيونك وما تطلبه جاك ياما تحملت التعب بس لجل رضاك تخطي وأسامح كل زلة خطاياك هذا جزى قلب جفى الناس وأهداك نفسي عزيزة قبل أصادف محيـاك وإذا قلتلك بسناك والله لنـساك

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