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Mulanje Mountain, Malawi

All about Mulanje Mountain, climbing, peaks, the plateau, huts, how to get there, how to and whether to organise porters and guides, itineraries and so on.
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Pools: after a serious hike even a mist covered Mulanje pool is fantastic

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Frances #Cottage as seen from Chambe Hut. #FrancesCottage #ChambeHut #Malawi

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The view from near the pools near Sombani Hut, Mulanje Mountain

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I love vintage pictures ands this is a great one of Mulanje Mountain in the1960s. I am a Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society and I am amazed by the number of famous explorers who were missionaries rather than adventurers. Livingstone was one such man and Malawi was a country he clearly loved.

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A tiny corner of the mountain from below

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Easy Steet in the Rock Climbing section of Frank Eastwood's guide to the Mulanje Massif

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Easy Street is the name of a particular rock climb on this shoulder of the Chambe peak, Mulanje Mountain

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Encephalartos gratus - This robust medium-large cycad grows in the Mulanje mountains of Malawi and Mozambique in deciduous forest, in rocky gorges and in slope