Black and white is a classic color combo that works pretty much anywhere, but we happen to think it's especially nice in the kitchen. Here, for your inspiration, are 19 incredibly stylish kitchens that work contrast to their advantage.

I think this is such a classy home. Design classics are very nicely combined with personal items, which gives the rooms a lot of character. The green walls in the living room are really nice and I just love the … Continue reading →

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Here in the Gothenburg archipelagos we're keeping cool with dips in the sea. But when the heat really takes it's toll (I see in New York it's going to be up t More

Style and Create —The most inspiring concept stores I know is The Apartment by The Line. The Line’s seasonal store in a cottage residence in Amagansett, East Hampton, NY, is pure beauty. What else could man expect?

Remember this small home styled by Susanna Vento ? Here is the same place, styled by another talented stylist. I find it interesting to see these two different takes on the decoration of the same place. Styling by Laura Seppanen, … Continue reading →

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