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Insomnia help and advice. How changing your lighting can help ease insomnia and seasonal affective disorder symptoms.


Lighting Advice For Insomniacs | LED Switchover Blog

Weird reasons why you should hate global warming (by LED Switchover)

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Are LEDs better for your health? By LED Switchover

Are LEDs Better For Your Health? | LED Switchover Blog

Quiz: how much do you know about LED lighting? By LED Switchover

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Can security lights change your behaviour? By LED Switchover

Can Security Lights Change Your Behaviour? | LED Switchover Blog

Is environmentalism bad for the economy? By LED Switchover

Is Environmentalism Bad For The Economy? | LED Switchover Blog

How to get the right mood lighting for your favourite films

Mood Lighting For Your Favourite Movies | LED Switchover Blog

Quiz to help you decide whether to buy lighting in warm white, natural white or cool white.

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A list of films that will persuade you to convert to environmentalism, includes several conventional picks and a few unexpected choices too.

LED Switchover Blog | Saving You Money & Energy

List of the best and worst eco inventions of the future.

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