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Exeter - University of the year 202 - 2013.... Nuff said. :)

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I Worked Out 6 Times A Week But My Body Never Transformed—Until I Made This Simple Change

prevent snoring-Take up singing Sing! Researchers at the University of Exeter in England found that people snored significantly less once they had started singing for 20 minutes a day for three months. Singing may help by firming up flabby muscles in the upper airways.

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Feeling good after a day at the beach? Study proves benefits of spending time near the ocean

Good for you: A study presented by University of Exeter researchers found that living at the beach improves your health!

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Magpie's DON’T like shiny things: Birds are scared of unfamiliar items

Psychologists from the University of Exeter discovered that, contrary to popular belief, magpies (stock image pictured) are actually frighte...

In a new study from the University of Exeter Medical School, researchers showed that individuals who move to greener areas have significant and long-lasting improvements in mental health.