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New Policy on Education The New Education Policy (NEP) is an Education policy Formulated by the Human Resource Development Minister to promote Quality education amongst Indian Student and Teachers.

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Ministry Of Human Resource Development

Nikita, a five year old, asked her mother, “Why do people go to school?” Her mother replied, “So they can learn new things”. Then she asked, “Why do people learn?” Her mother said, “So they can get a good job”. “Padho, par sirf padho mat. Uss knowledge ka kuch karo bhi”

An Important Truth About Education You've Forgotten (that 5 year olds know) - Edunuts

What Most Students Don’t Consider Before Taking a College Admission Answer this: “What does learning mean to you?”

What Most Students Don’t Consider Before Taking a College Admission - Edunuts

High School mein pyaar sabko hota hai: kabhi best friend ke saath, kabhi jis ladki ke saath chidaya jaata hai aur kabhi nayi admissions ke saath. Do THIS If You’re In A High School Relationship

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Jab bachhe the toh bas bade banne chahte hai Ab bade ban rahe hai toh bachhe rehna chahte hai. Life after school can be scary, y’know. You’re out of your cocoon and it can take some time to get accustomed to your wings and learn how to actually fly. Don’t be scared. Take your first flight. Here are 10 things that will help you fly towards your dreams.

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Lack of exercise can make our body obese and lethargic. This, in turn, causes the mind to not work as efficiently and reduces the amount of information it can process. This phenomenon is literally called Brain Fog. The logic is simple: Lack of exercise doesn’t help you study more; it causes you to study less.

8 Reasons Why You Should Exercise More (Not Less) in High School - Edunuts

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ICICI Bank, Naurang House, KG Marg