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Fairy wishing well - Fairies from Scotland

Fairy Garden Sign

No mobile phone is small enough for fairies.. yet! But they do get to use the classic red phone box #fairygarden

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Fairy Garden Ornament Punch & Judy Show

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Even fairies make wishes, so here we have a delightful wishing well where your fairies can make their wishes come true. 11cm Tall Free delivery on orders over £40

Fairy wishing well - Merryhatton

The focal point of the fairy village is the duck pond, where the baby fairies go to feed the ducks. 12cm Wide Free delivery on orders over £40

Fairy Village Duck Pond - Merryhatton

Traditional British telephone box - a must for the village green in every fairy village. 8cm Tall Free delivery on orders over £40

Fairy Telephone Box - Merryhatton