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@BethHorobin23 Beth's cat Vince. A layer of tissue behind the cat's eye reflects visible light back through the retina. This makes the pupil appear to glow and is why the road markings that help drivers stay in lane are called 'cat's eyes'.

@Luke_Bettridge I caught a photo of lightening. My question is how does lightening occur?

@BethHorobin23 On a summers day the surface of the Earth is heated by the sun. The Earth's surface heats the air. This warm air rising is what causes a thunderstorm!

Some blurry lightning. There was some great thunder and lightning in Nottingham this evening. lightning is an electric current, it's caused by a build up of electric charges in the cloud. Positive charges build up at the top of the cloud and negative charges at the bottom. This causes a positive charge to build up on the ground below. When the charges coming up from the ground reach those coming down from the clouds lightning strikes!


How long until car exhausts damage the Earth's atmosphere and threaten humanity? @Luke_Bettridge


How does the summer habitat affect cats and their fur? @Luke_Bettridge

How do the rays from the sun affect the Earth's atmosphere? @Luke_Bettridge


Ravine in Torquey, Devon :) @BethHorobin23 Ravines are often produced by stream cutting erosion.