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ClearView Communications provides discreet surveillance with our Covert CCTV camera systems. Our miniature internal and external covert cameras are designed and developed to provide monitoring tools that are disguised in the form of everyday objects.

Who's that 'intruder' that sets off your alarms in the middle of the night?... Find out that it's just a sneaky stag with our night-vision cameras!

At ClearView Communications our priority is to ensure that your CCTV is fully operational and working 24/7 by providing maintenance to make sure this is goal is achieved.

ClearView Communications Video analytics can transform standard CCTV systems into intelligent and effective detection and alert systems. CCTV technology is now capable of recognising faces of people, vehicles, animals and bags automatically.

ClearView Communications has been manufacturing and installing high performance digital video CCTV recording systems and DVR recorders since they were first introduced. The safe storage of CCTV footage is an important element of managing a CCTV recording system and we provide CCTV recorders with hard drives that address this need.

ClearView’s Communications rapid deployment CCTV cameras are designed to be quickly set up and easily moved from place to place, to view live and recorded events remotely.

One of our favourites here at ClearView is this nifty device! The #Camocam can…

ClearView Communications thermal CCTV camera gives you a solution to recognise the presence of both humans and vehicles in areas with minimal lighting, allowing you to keep your premises secure.

ClearView Communications prison CCTV systems allows for an enhanced level of care and police transparency.

ClearView Communications highly durable vandal proof CCTV systems for tough or hostile environments such as police stations, town centres and sports buildings.