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CEPT Portfolio

CEPT Portfolio is the online platform for CEPT University that celebrates and showcases the best work being produced as a part of the academic and extra-curricular activities of the university.
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Bridge model making competition bringing out students' creativity in designing truss bridges


Bridge The Gap 2.0 | CEPT Portfolio

Understanding and analyzing the visual character offered by the landscape of Gangtok


Gangtok: Landscape Perspective | CEPT Portfolio

Understanding and experiencing the construction work of Aerated Concrete from scratch

Hands On: Aerated Concrete | CEPT Portfolio

Examining appropriations along Bhadra Plaza-Teen Darwaza, Old city of Ahmedabad

Learning from Urban Appropriations | CEPT Portfolio

Representing how crafts play a role in the identity of a city


Crafts and the City | CEPT Portfolio

Learning the basics of narrative theory using photographs as means of communication

Pictorial Narratives | CEPT Portfolio

Designing public housing in tight spaces

Relief Camp for Amreli Flood Victims | CEPT Portfolio

Films as a tool for spreading awareness

Film Making for Energy Awareness | CEPT Portfolio

Visual narrative built around a given, architectural element

Open the Door | CEPT Portfolio

An effort towards engaging citizens with their city spaces

Interactive Urban Spaces | CEPT Portfolio