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We have a beautiful range of Luxurious Hand towels. They all come in different luxurious brands used in the finest hotel bathrooms. Get them for a third of the price at Bargain Beddings.

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Bathmats, Bathmats, Bathmats! All bathmats come in various styles and are perfect for dying if you fancy a different colour!

Satin Stripe Products also come in various sized sheets. Great Quality products! for under £5

Range of sticky labels used in the stock room, Easy way to remember the hotel colour coding of duvets and sheets.

In our duvet covers all quilts are tagged with there colour sizes. Duvet covers have a mixture of these elegant plain white styles or a simple Satin Stripe range.

All Duvets come in various sizes. Here are our Satin Stripe Single Duvets.

All Linen are sold separately or in pack of Five, These Packs are then sealed with plastic coatings in order to keep our products clean and easily manageable.

Pillowcases come in singles or in big packs of 20! All sealed for cleanliness, Pillowcases vary from, Envelope, Oxford and Housewife Pillowcases. (Housewife pillowcases come in Satin Stripe format).

Various Sized Rags for Sale at Bargain Beddings, Large quality boxes at Cheap prices.